3rd Annual GHRG-ST Symposium, 11th November 2019

On Monday 11th November 2019, GHRG-ST held our 3rd Annual Symposium at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The symposium showcased the work we have undertaken since July 2017, when the group was formed, in both Sierra Leone and North East India, as well as presentations from local researchers and our in country partner, CapaCare.  We had over 50 delegates in attendance on the day.  The meeting brought together surgical trainees,  medical officers, house officers, consultants, registrars, students and policymakers plus our team from the UK which included consultants, researchers and clinical fellows.

During the symposium we held parallel sessions which were focused on:
How do we conduct health systems in low resource setting
The challenges of delivering clinical trials in the low resource setting
Health economics evaluation in LMICs: What are the challenges and possible solutions.

The sessions were run by experts from the GHRG-ST team in each area, Professor Julia Brown, Dr Amrit Virk and Ms Bryony Dawkins.  Discussions from each session were presented to the meeting.

The meeting closed with networking and a buffet dinner, during this time our engineers showcased our low cost innovations for use in the low resource setting.