Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS) Registry

More than 90% of the population globally do not have ready access to surgery and for the people in South Asia this figure surpasses 95%.  Acute abdominal conditions due to general surgical/obstretics/gynaecological conditions areassociated with a significant health burden.  Surgery for these conditions is cost-effective and can make a major contribution to improving global health.

Laparoscopic surgery to treat abdominal conditions provides improved patient outcomes compared to open surgery.  The need for abdominal surgery in North East India is not currently well documented.  In LMICs there is a shortage of standardised data reporting surgical outcomes because there is a lack of infrastructure and human resource and follow up is often impossible.

The GILLS registry will provide a reliable base for monitoring the use of Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS) in everyday clinical practice in rural hospitals.  The registry will capture data on all GILLS procedures performed by rural surgeons who have completed the TARGET training programme and completed the proctorship.  The registry will initially be rolled out to 3 hospitals in Assam, Nagaland and Manipur.  The registry will capture all GILLS abdominal procedures for those patients consenting to information being taken and stored via a secure online database.