Lower Limb Amputation Course

Our second project in Sierra Leone got underway at the beginning of November when the team travelled to Freetown to deliver a course on Lower Limb Amputation.

Dr William Bolton and colleagues from Medical Realities travelled to Sierra Leone to hold workshops for potential participants to try out the virtual reality module which has been created by GHRG-ST in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, Medical Imaging at the University of Leeds and Medical Realities.

The module was designed to give participants a reverse classroom experience,  the module submerses the wearer into the operating theatre, where they are able to see how the amputation is done in the sterile environment.  Within the virtual reality environment, the wearer is able to look in more depth at the procedure and the materials used in this type of operation.

We had 30 attendees on the course who were a mixture of government hospital employees and surgical trainees from our partner NGO, CapaCare.  Some of the participants were given VR pre course materials and others were given the standard materials.   We has skills assessments at the end of the 2 day course which assessed all attendees.

The course was well received and all attendees were engaged over the two day programme.  Teaching was delivered by surgeons from the UK with assessments in 4 aspects of amputation from skin marking to wound closure.