TARGET Training Programme

In March 2019, a team from GHRG-ST travelled to Kolkata Medical College, India to deliver the TARGET training programme.  The programme is to train rural surgeons on laparoscopic skills and the use of the Gas Insufflation-Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS) technique.  During our visit we set up the GILLS/Laparoscopic Regional Training Centre at the Medical College.

The laparoscopic training programme was delivered to 7 rural surgeons from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland in the North East of India.  The faculty consisted of surgeons from India and the UK.  During the programme the surgeons completed 5 tasks from peg transfer to suturing.  These were scored by the faculty to measure improvement of the surgeons over the course of the programme.

The tasks were all completed using a high cost simulator and also on the GHRG-ST low cost lap-pack which was designed in house by Dr Manish Chauhan, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds.

All 7 surgeons were very happy with the training they received and their skills improved over the 3 days.  During May a proctorship programme will take place in Assam and Nagaland where some of the rural surgeons are based, the surgeons will attend the programme as well as members of the faculty to continue the training in their rural health facilities.

Whilst visiting Kolkata the GHRG-ST team met with the British Deputy High Commissioner Kolkata .  During the meeting the team gave an overview of the work we will be carrying out, the training programme and set up of the GILLS/Laparoscopic Regional Training Centre at the Medical College, Kolkata.

Mr Bruce Bucknell commented “The British Deputy High Commission is fully supportive of this exciting new initiative, which addresses a real clinical need and will help to raise the availability and standard of surgical care in the states of NE India”.